Kiwi Elite Swimwear Econyl

A powerful shift is happening in society right now and Kiwi is proud to be amongst it. The rise and growth of our brand is testament to the mindful women who choose to celebrate and support conscious, sustainable and ethical fashion. 

Every year around 640,000 tons of ‘ghost fishing gear’ enter our ocean and become adrift. These can stay in the water for up to 600 years and are the silent killers of our marine life. Whales, seals, sharks, dolphins, turtles and so many more precious marine species are subject to suffocation and slow, painful deaths. At the core of everything we do at Kiwi is a strong respect for the people we work with and the environment we work within.


Kiwi Elite Swimwear Fabric

Kiwi elite Swimwear uses a revolutionary fabric that “turns waste problems into fashion solutions”. Our fabrics are made from a 100% regenerated nylon yarn derived from pre and post industrial waste such as discarded fishing nets, carpet fluff, tulle etc.: all such material. Instead of being disposed of in the landfill, these materials are recovered and regenerated into the beautiful fabric we use.

By using fabrics made with post industrial waste, we’re not only using a sustainable ingredient but we’re saving a whole heap of finite resources and energy that would be otherwise used for the creating of swimwear.

We are just as proud about the origins of our fabric as we are of its superior quality. Our fabric is soft and luxurious; but strong and durable. Our bikini styles are sold separately and are designed to mix and match to ensure the ultimate fit and feels for your unique taste and shape!